The Chachi are an indigenous group in the Cayapas River Basin in Northern Ecuador.  This region is a part of the incredibly biodiverse Western Ecuador moist forest ecoregion.   According to Chachi oral tradition, the people originated in the mountains to the East, and moved into their current location in response to conquests of their land.  The Chachi speak a Barbacoan language named Cayapa, belonging to the Chibcha language group.  For generations, cacao, or chocolate, has been the main product of this people.  

During the past two years, this people have embarked on an effort to revitalize their cacao and produce high-quality, single origin chocolate.  The Chachi already practice organic agriculture, and the improvements to their process focused on fermentation and drying.

The Chachi focus on proper stewardship of their rainforest and its resources.  Your purchase of this chocolate will contribute in a meaningful way to the continued sustainable management of the rainforest while providing a sustainable future for the next generation of Chachi.